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Roughage Buster®

Unleash the wealth of forage nutrients



Roughage Buster tub products are formulated to enable cattle to gain the most value from forages.  These cooked tub products provide protein, mineral, and vitamin supplementation and offer palatable, consistent intake which is vital to unleashing the wealth of nutrients contained in forages.  All products in this family provide these functional ingredients:

  • Patented Ingredient Combination

  • Biuret

  • CitriStim®

  • Natural-Source Vitamin E


The inclusion of biuret allows for slow release of ammonia to maximize economy, efficiency, and performance of cattle fed forage diets.  Biuret's ammonia release rate is comparable to soybean meal, which makes it a safer source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN) compared to urea, and supplies a more continuous supply of ammonia to rumen microbes which is needed for maximum forage utilization.  Additionally, biuret offers a cost-effective source of NPN.  Roughage Buster tubs are designed for free-choice feeding to grazing beef cattle.


The patent-pending Endo-Fighter® component is an available product option. 


Roughage Buster 35 Plus CitriStim (53599)  -  Designed to enable excellent performance of brood cows, stockers, and replacement heifers fed low-quality forage.


Roughage Buster Fescue 20 Plus Endo-Fighter (53601)  -  Designed for optimum performance when fed to brood cows, stockers, and replacement heifers consuming endophyte-infected forages.  This product is also fortified with complexed trace minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt) and additional natural-source vitamin E.  The Endo-Fighter component attacks the problem of infected fescue with a combination of four complementary functions:

  • Believed to have a positive effect on combating toxins

  • Helps dissipate heat

  • Supports proper rumen function

  • Provides immune system support

Research and field results from the use of Endo-Fighter have yielded positive results  -  better weight gains and consistently lower body temperatures compared to control cattle.


Recommended Intake: 0.5  -  1.5 lb/hd/day





ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Archer Daniels Midland Company