Gambling with Horn Fly Protection
Can Leave You Economically Drained


The Gamble: No Horn Fly Protection Each horn fly can bite and suck blood 20 to 40 times daily. Given the horn fly's tremendous reproducing ability, horn fly populations can easily reach 1,000 to 2,000 per cow . . . that's a lot of bites! Horn fly populations above the economic threshold (~200 horn flies per cow) cause cattle to spend more time fighting horn flies than consuming dry matter, resulting in lower production and profit potential.

The Cost:

  • Increased cow maintenance requirements

  • Reduced feed efficiency

  • Reduced milk production  -  up to 20% (USDA estimates)

  • Reduced gain  -  0.25  -  0.5 lb/head/day (USDA estimates)

  • Mastitis transmission  -  Horn flies carry Staph. aureus, the primary cause of mastitis

Break the Cycle

Why gamble with labor intensive, semi-effective horn fly control measures?

ADM Alliance Nutrition's IGR (methoprene  -  Insect Growth Regulator) provides a simple, effective solution to break the horn life cycle, halting the economic drain to your dairy operation.

Since horn flies stay in very close proximity to the host cow and generally leave only to lay eggs in fresh cow manure, control is just a matter of breaking the cycle.

When the selective pesticide, methoprene, is consumed by cattle, it passes through the cow's digestive tract intact into manure where it breaks the horn fly life cycle by preventing pupae from developing into irritating, blood sucking pests. Easy!

IGR Perks

  • No handling

  • No spraying

  • No dusting

  • No tagging

  • No boluses

  • No resistancy

  • No safety or environmental concerns

  • No withdrawal


Benefits of an Effective Dairy Horn Fly Protection Program

  • No loss of milk production due to horn fly irritation. For a cow producing 80 lb/day, a 10% reduction in milk production means 8 lb less milk in the tank daily. Multiple that by the number of lactating cows and the economic drain intensifies.

  • Less Staph. aureus induced mastitis. In herds with no fly control, over 50% of the heifers had Staph. aureus infections compared to only 5.6% of heifers in herds with fly control. Lower treatment costs, better milk quality, and better milk production occurs when mastitis is controlled.

  • Replacement heifers gain better. Research has shown heifers fed IGR gain more weight during the horn fly season. This translates to earlier age at first calving, lower feed cost, and overall better herd productivity and longevity. Without horn fly protection, a loss of 0.25 lb gain daily would translate to a heifer that weighs 37.5 lb less over a 150-day horn fly season.

ADM Alliance Nutrition offers . . .

  • Over 30 years expertise in manufacturing feed products containing methoprene.

  • Consistent, stable, and reliable amount of methoprene in feed products

  • Choice of forms and performance-proven formulations to fit your specific needs

ADM Alliance Nutrition possesses the knowledge and experience needed to produce and deliver methoprene products that consistently out perform other horn fly control products.



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