Sheep Minerals



MoorMan's® Sheep Minerals 625

  • Non-medicated, free-choice mineral supplement formulated specifically for sheep

  • Available with WeatherMaster®, an exclusive weatherization process (625AAA) which utilizes natural sourced ingredients to protect against mineral losses due to moisture and enhance mineral uniformity.

  • Recommended consumption rate - 0.75-1.25 lb/head/month

  • Provides essential macro and trace minerals and vitamins A, D, and E to enable sheep to achieve better growth rates, maintenance of body condition, greater milk production, and better reproductive status

  • Encourages maximum activity of rumen microorganisms for improved forage intake, digestibility, and energy utilization

  • A 50 lb Sheep Mineral block (625AU) is also available

NOTE: Ensure sheep have access to unlimited supply of clean, fresh water and provide mineral supplementation as desired. No copper compounds are added to ADM Alliance Nutrition's commercial sheep feeds. However, naturally occurring copper in feed ingredients may combine to yield detectable copper levels. Care should be taken to minimize additional copper from forage, water, or other feedstuffs available to sheep.


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MoorMan's® Sheep Minerals with WeatherMaster® 625AAA .......A Free-Choice Mineral for All Classes of Sheep


Sheep Mineral Block 625AU .............A Free-choice Mineral Block for All Classes of Sheep



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