MoorMan's® ShowTec® Developer BB 18 LN

with Lincomix®*


When winning performance is your goal,
MoorMan's ShowTec Developer BB 18 LN (18241BPP) can help!


MoorMan's ShowTec Developer BB 18 LN (No. 18241BPP) in mini-pellet form is a key developer in the ShowTec line-up of winning performance-proven show feeds.


Several ADM innovative, patent-pending and proprietary feed ingredients are contained in MoorMan's ShowTec Developer BB 18 LN. Ingredients like Energy BurstTM, PremiDexTM, and CitriStim® enhance the product's effectiveness and performance potential.

The addition of Lincomix provides protection from the debilitating effects of mycoplasmal pneumonia (200 g/ton) and ileitis (100 g/ton).


What's so special about these research-proven ingredients?

  • CitriStim® has a beneficial impact on animal growth and health by binding pathogenic
    gut bacteria.

  • PremiDexTM has a positive effect on performance, resulting from beneficial changes of
    gut microflora.

  • Energy BurstTM provides readily available energy sources for better growth and feed efficiency and helps maintain osmolarity of gut digesta within the range needed for hydration.









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